We are betting our future on education young-4couple

Problem: We simply cannot financially support the way health care costs/utilization is going up. It is crippling business profitability and raising havoc with family budgets at a rate that can no longer be sustained.

Solution: Financial Life Cycles (FLC), a leading Employee Benefits Consultant can assist you in finding the right health care solutions customized to fit your unique needs.

At FLC, we put your plans into action by designing and implementing education strategies that assist you in being proactive, take control and re-stabilize your profitability and employee confidence. FLC offers a number of unique value points:

  • Empowerment and education of your employees
  • Wellness programs and initiatives custom tailored to each client
  • Education resources, including the ability to communicate with employees
  • Honest and integrity dictate our every action
  • Transparency rules in all business dealings
  • We are extremely involved in health care legislative issues


Cycles of Employee Benefits: Monthly Hot Topics

Monthly Hot Topic: April

National Autism Awareness Month Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) refer to a group of developmental disabilities that vary in severity and affect socialization, communication and other behaviors in those that have them. Researchers are still currently searching for answers, as the exact causes of ASDs remain unknown. ...

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Monthly Hot Topic: March

Workplace Eye Wellness Month The workplace can present a variety of dangers to one’s eyes. Eye injuries can be caused by flying objects in the air, chemical splashes, tools and particles. The good news is that approximately 90 percent of all work-related eye injuries can be ...

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Monthly Hot Topic: February

National Children's Dental Health Month Just because primary teeth fall out doesn’t mean children can go without dental care until their permanent teeth come in. A child’s first 20 primary teeth come in between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. During this time, it is important ...

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